Seat Assignments

Why Can't I Always Get My Preferred Airline Seating?

Airlines hold up to 80 percent of all advanced seat assignments for airport check-in. For example, a standard 737 aircraft has approximately 110 coach class seats. If 80 percent of those seats are set aside for airport check-in, there are only 20-22 seats for pre-assignment. Of those, 7 would be aisle seats, 7 would be window seats and 7 would be center seats.

Why Do The Airlines Hold Back Seat Assignments For Airport Check In?

Airlines overbook their flights. If most people holding over-booked reservations show up for departure, the airline wants to control who gets "bumped." As an example, travelers without seat assignments who check-in late for their flight will likely get bumped when flights are over booked. As a result, it is better to have a center seat assignment than no seat assignment at all.

How Does National Travel Ensure That I Get My Preferred Seating?

How Can I Increase My Chances Of Getting My Preferred Seating?

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